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The only fanlisting for the James Bond movie "Licence to kill" listed at the FanlistingsNetwork in the Movies category.

The sixteenth movie in the Bond Series, is also the second and last time that Timothy Dalton acts as James Bond. Setting out on a private revenge mission, without his licence to kill, Bond goes up against a ruthless drug lord (Robert Davi) who bought his own country.

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Officially moved

Posted Oct 17, 2009. Leave a comment?

So not a week after I sent the form, it was already processed—so that now there should be no confusion as to where the fanlisting is located from now on ;) Hopefully I get at least one or two answer sto the many affiliate requests I sent out.

Final touches

Posted Oct 14, 2009. Leave a comment?

Now, I uploaded 250 shiny new buttons, posted at the fanlistings messageboard, bothered half a dozend owner with affiliate request, informed members and current affiliates about the new link, I even remembered to update fansfansfans—in other words the move is now completed.

Move in progress

Posted Oct 12, 2009. Leave a comment?

Okay, from now on the listing will just work over http://licencetokill.tanfana.net.

The old location will be deleted as soon as the forms work properly at the new place. There might be problems if you try to join within the next half an hour after this post—but no longer.

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